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 Custom Cover Details
Marinas & Boat Dealers primarily use their "Custom Cover" River Planners as personalized gifts for their valued customers, whereas others sell at their retail outlets. As displayed, we PRINT your logo & message directly on the River Events Planner's cover.

Custom Cover River Events Planners are an affordable way to obtain "front cover" advertising & great visibility!! Not only does your customer see your logo "mini-ad," but so do all of their boating guests. Since introducing Custom Cover River Planners we have had great feedback from those who order them, as well as the boaters who receive them.

Join the others, order your own personalized "Custom Cover" River Events Planners today! It will make the perfect gift for your new or existing customers, slip renters,
boating clubs, or poker run participants.


Minimum order: 25 River Planners at the normal wholesale cost of $10 each: Total  $250 + sales tax.
Note: To include custom cover can coolies the price will be $11 each (for book and can coolie combo) & the minimum order is 100 planners.

Call  us at 715-792-2134 or email us for more information.