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About Us
Hi. We are Tammy & Brian Johnson. We have been publishing the River Events Planner for 15 years now. Our goal is to help you enjoy the Upper Mississippi & St. Croix Rivers and also provide you one complete information source in a high quality easy to use boating & travel guide.

Great Photos, great stories, great friends and great things to do. That is what we and the River Events Planner are all about.

If you are planning to attend a city festival, need to arrange marina or hotel lodging accommodations, are looking for a good restaurant, a new boat, or just want to be informed about what may be happening along these Rivers, the River Events Planner is your source.

Why purchase the River Events Planner?

Because as we stated above, our guide tells you what's happening and when all season long. In addition for you NEW boaters we provide information on laws, regulations, how to manage the locks, river maps, safety information and so much more.

Over the the years we've developed a reputable & well known product. We have approximately 100 advertisers, some who have advertised with us for the entire 15 years. While we'd like to thank our advertisers, that also speaks highly of the product that we produce.

Why advertise in the River Events Planner?

Our publication is purchased, retained, and read several times over by it's owners and their friends or guests, unlike free publications which are quickly read and tossed aside. Our high quality cover and professionally packaged product is a nice addition to any boater's  boat decor or their coffee table at home. We reach out to more readers who enjoy the Mississippi & St. Croix Rivers and the cities aligning these rivers, than any other single river or city publication. We estimate our readers to be over 4 times our print distribution or over 10,000 individuals.

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